Thursday, February 16, 2012

WW weigh-in: 79.3 kg; down 0.4 kg


I had my third Weight Watchers meeting this morning with my official weigh-in. I had really been hoping for a big number as I only lost 0.5 kg last week, not a big number for the first week of a new diet. But this week it was 0.4 kg. Very frustrating.

Also odd because the WW scales don't seem to relate to my scales at all. I don't expect the same number, of course -- it is a different time of day and fully dressed for WW -- but I thought the difference from week to week would have some correlation. But no. Week 1 at home was a loss of 0.2 kg but 0.5 at WW. Week 2 at home was 0.8 kg but 0.4 at WW. Oh well, I just have to get over it and get on with it.

A combination of disappointment, slight unwellness, and annoying people meant I didn't enjoy the meeting as much as other times. There was a long delay before we started, during which I was talked at by two other ladies: one around my age who seems to be a know-it-all who never shuts her mouth, and the other an older lady who blamed her low weight-loss (bigger than mine!) on too much fruit (?) and the rainy weather preventing her from exercise. Nothing so terrible there, except that she repeated these two points over and over again to everyone around her and then the leader. Very whiney and complaining. Yes I know I whine here on my blog, but you don't have to read it if you don't want to. I was trapped next to this lady!

Last week the leader had set us an unofficial goal of 0.6 kg each, but it seems no one at all reached it. I don't know if anyone actually lost weight this week other than myself and Granny Whinger. Two other people near me gained weight, not sure about the rest of the group.

Apart from that, the meeting was ok. It was about making time for yourself to get healthy. I have always carved out personal time for myself, the only problem is I don't always use it to exercise!

Ok, lets reframe the week positively (I haven't learned about reframing yet but BitchCakes used to talk about it a lot). I lost weight! Yay! Nearly a kg in the fortnight, and a loss two weeks in a row.

I have stuck to a diet successfully for two whole weeks. Tracked every day. No cheating. No private binges. Excessive unhealthy food twice a week but planned and budgeted for, other days only a fun-size milky way or WW low-fat ice cream.

Hit my exercise goal of 21 activity points. I know I can do more than this, but I have spent several days unwell. Earned a Pandora charm which I bought today.

You see, lots of good things.

What do I need to work on? More exercise. Not getting takeaway every week after swimming, trying some other options like casserole that is ready when we get home. Continue all the good stuff I am doing.

On the non-weight-loss front the big thing I need to work on is managing my work time much better, I am really struggling to get into a routine. I have work lined up for the next four months and I have to stop faffing around. Unless I work more efficiently during the day I'll have to give up some evening or weekend time, or get up earlier. That should be motivation enough!

Starting weight: 80.2 kg
Week 1: 79.7 kg
Week 2: 79.3 kg
5% goal: 76.2 kg
Goal weight: 58 kg

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