Monday, February 20, 2012

Sick family


I have continued to feel unwell since last Wednesday and have not exercised during that time but I have continued to eat healthily. My weight hasn't moved for a week, basically within 100 grams of 77.8 kg on the home scale. 77.8 kg is a lovely number but it is time to move on! I was down to 77.5 kg this morning so maybe it will finally go down. I can't hit a plateau after only two weeks! I need to get well and get back to exercising. I feel pretty awful today but that might be lack of sleep.

Aiden started throwing up yesterday morning and is still going today. He's been home from kindy and no-one got a lot of sleep last night. My poor baby, he has no extra body fat so after 36 hours without food his ribs stick out.

If I can't get out to the shops today I don't know what we will be having for dinner -- home delivered pizza maybe. Not good, but I'm not sure what else to do. Tim works long hours and rides his bike to and from work, he needs more than toast.

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