Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A week on WW


My official weigh-in at WW will be on Friday (and will include clothes, shoes, and breakfast) but I have still been weighing myself at home and in the 7 days I have been following WW I have lost 1.4 kg. And that is after an upwards bump of 0.4 kg this morning; due to either/or or a combination of PMS and D&D supper last night. It is still quite a nice loss.

I ate way too much last night, after having roast chicken for dinner I scraped some of the chicken fat out of the pan and ate it (I counted it as 2 teaspoons of fat) -- it was delicious though -- and then I had chocolate, apricot delight, and burger rings at supper.

On the up side I did stop eating once I had had enough, even though there was more on the table. In the past I would have eaten much more. I spent a total of 12 ProPoints on supper, all from my weekly allowance, which was well within my WW budget. I ended up feeling really sleepy and had trouble following conversations, it almost felt like I was drunk. I am noticing that when I eat mostly healthy food, I feel pretty yuck when I eat junk. I probably always felt yuck when I ate junk, I was just used to feeling that way all the time!

This morning I had planned to go to the gym and do BodyPump but it was swimming carnival day and we had to leave early (which I didn't realise until this morning) so I didn't have time for breakfast, what with all the frantic getting the kids ready and their lunches and change of clothes etc. So I had to come home after the drop-off to have my breakfast. I still plan to do some exercise,but I am feeling pretty horrible with PMS. Crampy lower back pain and feeling sad and discouraged. I think a walk outside will help more than trying to drag myself through a Kinect routine.

So, how has the first week gone? Pretty well, I think. I've stayed within my ProPoints -- aiming for the daily 26 per day and always using just a few of my weekly extra -- eating huge amounts of vegetables. I haven't banned any foods or deprived myself and as a result I haven't binged -- even D&D supper has been much better than in the past, and I haven't had any solitary food orgies. Of course there will be challenges in the future, but the fact that I have that extra weekly 49 PP to spend means that even if I do have a stumble it doesn't mean I have failed for the week or even the day. I love that. I can work it into the plan. I think WW have organised that really well -- instead of saying you get 33 ProPoints per day and if you go over you fail, they give you 26 PP per day plus 49 PP for the week to use when you like so you can have light days and save for celebrations and restaurants.

I've done quite well with exercise too, I am going for 30 mins most days but of course often doing more than that. I haven't "eaten" any of my exercise ProPoints. School holidays and then these first few days of school with starting Kindy and swimming carnival have been quite disruptive, but from tomorrow everything will be back to normal and I should be able to get into a routine.

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