Saturday, January 7, 2012

Soldiering on


Aiden slept through the night and was much better today (eating but not playing much) but I was still pretty tired from the previous night's lack of sleep. I had another nap in the afternoon but I'm looking forward to bedtime.

I stuck to my calorie limit today, even not having any of the pikelets my husband made for afternoon tea. I did some shopping in the morning but didn't buy anything bad -- unless you count low-calorie muesli bars that I got for when I take the kids out on excursions. Easy and non-squishy, I figured better than buying something when out.

I did half an hour of Kinect Dance and went for a walk after dinner, so that was good too. I suppose the walk was not intense exercise but it was all I had the energy left for and it would have been easy to do nothing at all today so I am quite proud of what I achieved.

I'll look at my results for the week tomorrow at my weigh-in. Time to collapse in front of the TV.

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