Sunday, September 22, 2013

12,000 steps!

more Monday:

I downloaded a pedometer app for my iPhone a couple of weeks ago. Apart from one day when I barely got out of bed (under 1000 steps!) my average has been around 3500 and I think that is pretty standard for me, sick or not, not counting any deliberate exercise. I work from home and only get out to move the kids from place to place or do the shopping. By far the highest number of steps recorded, around 7000, was the day my husband took my iPhone! He didn't even ride to work, he was on a bus for about 7 hours that day. But he still managed to get some walking in.

But today I parked at the lake then walked the long way around to Floriade, spent about an hour and a half looking at flowers etc, walked the rest of the 5 km lap of the lake back to my car, then did the grocery shopping. 12,000 steps! Woo hoo. And all it took was quite a lot of walking. Tired legs, tired feet. Looks like I have to do about 2 hours walking each day to get in that magic 10,000 steps.

Lovely spring weather for it.


  1. 10,000 steps is a lot to walk and I think that most people don't realize how many it really is! I think that walking 3 miles is close to 5,000 steps for the average person. Congratulations on making a commitment to being more active - that's an awesome goal.