Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tired legs and fast zombies


I didn't have the car today so I walked around the neighbourhood, first thing after getting the kids to school. First thing means it gets done! I walked for about an hour and a quarter, and with picking up the kids later and the little bit of incidental walking I do I got up to 11,000 steps so still doing well.
I'm surprised at how sore I've been, I ache a bit from hips to feet. I feel like "just walking" shouldn't hurt me. But I guess I've gone from a period of extreme sedentariness to walking up to two hours a day.

I keep getting caught by zombies. I thought I just had to speed up from whatever I was already doing, but I've tried lurching into a jog as soon as I get the first warning and speeding up as much as I can when they get closer, I've tried waiting until they are close then sprinting as fast as I can ... I still get caught. Very annoying. But I am loving listening to the story, with my own music in between scenes.

We missed the final Salsabor dance lesson because Tim had to work late. So we missed two from that, and about four (I think) from me being sick. Actually the first one we missed, the second class ever, was because I couldn't find a parking spot. So that foray into dance lessons was a bit of a fail. Bad timing.

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