Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week Two weigh-in


Starting weight: 81.5 kg
Last week: 80.0 kg
This week: 80.0 kg
Loss: 0.0 kg
Total loss 1.5 kg

Nothing this week, even though I have stuck to the diet. I actually weighed myself a couple of times during the week and I was 80 kg every time so unless the dial is stuck on that number I assume it is accurate.

I have a few possible reasons for the lack of loss this week. Firstly, it often happens on the show "Biggest Loser" that the contestants have a big loss in week one then very little in week two, even though everyone is still working just as hard. The body tries to hang on to the weight, maybe, once it realises you are trying to lose it.

Secondly, I still haven't been exercising. I am determined to get that started today, even though I only feel about 70% well. I can still go for a slow walk.

And lastly it is approaching TOM, so I could be retaining some water.

So I am disappointed, of course, but not despondent. I'll keep on with the diet, add some gentle exercise, and see how it goes this week.

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  1. It's on the weeks like this, where it isn't inspirational, that you must keep being persistent. Weight often comes up in chunks, with time in between, like you explain above. Persist and you will eventually triumph. :D