Thursday, September 26, 2013

Last day of term


Yesterday I walked to the library and back with a backpack full of books (different books on the way home). About 6,500 steps for that; I think I made 10,000 for the day but my husband had my iPhone/pedometer in the afternoon so I can't be sure. The weather was rather nasty, cold with strong winds. I found out later that there were 90km/h winds taking tiles off roofs and dropping trees onto cars. But still, I was lucky I got out and walked when I did because it got worse later, colder and rain and even some hail.

Unfortunately I had a bit of a diet disaster. It started with me finding half a bag of Doritos I didn't know I had. No idea how long they'd been stashed away, but they were still fresh enough. I ate them. Then ordered pizza for dinner. And later ate 2 min noodles for supper. So a huge load of carbohydrate, fat and salt. By bedtime I looked about seven months pregnant with a food baby and was completely bloated and tranquillized. My trigger foods are the salty carby kind, and once I started I couldn't seem to stop.

It's the kids last day of school term (3rd of 4 terms, school years are the same as calendar years here) and then we will have two weeks holidays. Tim is taking the first of those weeks off too. Yay for holidays and all being together.

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