Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walking the bike


Yesterday I managed two walks of about 25 minutes each. Left me a bit tired but I did ok. I'm still a snot machine in overdrive though. I've been sleeping with an extra pillow under my head and that seems to help through the night.

Last night was the usual Tuesday night supper and I call it a big win for my diet. I provided grapes, and saved a fruit serve so I could eat some. I also used an indulgence to have two brownies. They were really good, and apparently mainly cocoa powder with only a little butter and sugar. Yes I probably should have only had one, but considering I wanted more, and there was also plenty of other naughty foods available which I avoided, I'm still giving myself a big victory fist pump in the air for stopping at two.

Later in the evening I really wanted another piece but was resisting. There were only a few pieces left and every time someone took one I got stressed that I would soon lose my chance to have another one, even though at the same time I was determined not to. I mentioned this and Joe reminded me that there would always be another brownie, or some other indulgence, coming along. It's a good thing to remember. The world is not about to run out of brownies, or chocolate, or whatever. I don't have to panic that I am going to miss out if I don't take every opportunity to have a treat.

This morning was shaping up to be difficult. Tim's bike needed a service, and as he rides it to and from work it was important that he didn't miss the appointment he'd waited two weeks for. But his work sprang an early morning on him, away from his usual workplace so he needed the car. This meant I would have to wheel his bike all the way to the shop, about a half hour walk each way. Far more exercise than I've been doing since I've had this flu. And pushing a bicycle.

It turned out fine. I found the sweet spot on the handlebar where I could hold it comfortably and the bike just rolled along beside me in perfect obedience. It was hardly more difficult than just walking. I was pretty tired by the time I got home, but not nearly as bad as I had feared.

I guess we're going to miss Salsabor again tonight. We've hardly made it to any classes. Such a waste of money! Arg! But I can't help being sick. Even if I had the energy to dance, I don't think it would be fair to all my partners. I can just see me blowing my nose every few minutes then shoving the tissue in my pocket and holding out my germy hands to the next man. I'd spend half the night using hand sanitiser. And trying not to sneeze all over people.

Oh well. My successful long walk this morning shows I am getting better.

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  1. There is always another brownie available, or another piece of cake! GOod for you on working hard on resisting them. That can be so hard.