Saturday, September 7, 2013

First week


My first week of the CSIRO diet has gone really well. I've had excellent compliance, my only slip being one extra serve of fat on one day as I'd run out by dinner time and needed a splash of olive oil to cook with. Actually my worst day was yesterday, not because I ate anything I shouldn't but because I didn't have nearly enough vegetables. Better today.

The only thing I still haven't managed is the minimum 30 mins exercise each day. I've done more like 15 or 20 mins, just walking. The last dregs of this annoying virus have me nose-blowing and coughing and still with a sore throat but I'm sure I'm nearly over it now. At least water consumption hasn't been a problem because I'm always sipping to soothe the throat.

Apart from all the menu planning, most of my thoughts have been revolving around the possibility of moving state very soon. My husband should hear about one job this coming week. If he gets it (or another) there will be such a flurry of packing, and getting the house ready for sale, and looking for a new house and school etc. Exciting but rather daunting. I used to move about once a year, when I was single, and really enjoyed it. But now there's four people's worth of stuff, and we've been in this house about eight years so there's been plenty of time for junk to accumulate.

I even picked up a few packing boxes today. Not to start packing, exactly, but we have stuff lying around that we don't want to throw away but don't have a place for. So I want to start boxing up a few things that we won't care if we don't see for another three months. Like we cleared a stack of sheet music out of a drawer in my son's room ages ago so he could use the drawer, but didn't have anywhere to put it so it's just sitting on top of a desk in a teetering pile. A box out in the studio is the best place for it at the moment.

I'm allowed two pieces of fruit a day and I've been really enjoying tangelos. They are a cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin, so they are tart and sour but with sweetness as well, and they peel and segment easily like a mandarin. I never liked grapefruit until I had one straight off a tree. They are sour, but lovely. The ones you get from the shop have settled into a sullen bitterness. Actually I don't like mandarins, because as a child I overdosed on mandarin-flavoured soft drink. By overdosed, of course I just mean drank so much I felt very sick, not that I was actually near death or anything. Anyway, I no longer like the taste. Yet tangelos, a combination of two things I don't like much, are delicious! Also strawberries a suddenly very cheap at the moment so I've been having them chopped and stirred into my unflavoured/unsweetened Greek yoghurt. Yummy.

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