Monday, September 30, 2013

Crime scene investigation


The police came this morning - three of them! For a couple of stolen bicycles! I love this country. I think the youngest was a trainee as she didn't do anything other than watch, and chat to me. The two guys wrote down the details and took photos of the crime scene (our garage) and decided there wouldn't be any fingerprints on anything. Luckily we knew the serial numbers of the bikes and even had photos of Tim's, which is the valuable one. So maybe they'll turn up. Should keep an eye on eBay as well.

Today is a bit of a contrast to yesterday's hot and sunny day on the beach. It is cold and rainy, little Aiden had a headache and maybe a temperature this morning but seems ok now, I am tired with an inexplicably aching back. Maybe from the full-body clenched-in-terror drive back last night?

I forgot to mention my Monday weigh-in from yesterday. Back up to 81.5 kg, which was my starting weight four weeks ago. I've been eating anything and everything this week. Mostly good, planned meals but with plenty of snacks in between. Don't know what I am going to do next. Try to get back on track with this diet? I only really kept to it for two weeks. Pick a new plan (I like variety)? I feel very unmotivated and lacklustre today.

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