Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Does a little piglet live in this bedroom?


Yesterday and today I've been tackling my son's bedroom. I probably haven't tidied it properly for a couple of months, my husband devoted half a weekend to it a while ago. He just has so much stuff! A lot of it in tiny pieces. Yesterday I did a bit by myself then after school got the kids to help me. Their job was to pick up every single piece of Lego they could find and put it in the big block (Duplo) box or the little block (Lego) box. It took the three of us about half an hour, but it made a bit of a difference to the amount of stuff on the floor.

This morning before school, the two of them got out most of the Duplo and built a tower beside his bed. Sigh. At least it's stuck together neatly not spread all over the floor again. Yet. I can't put it away because they were talking excitedly about playing with it this afternoon.

Today I looked with some despair at what remained. I pushed it all into a big pile, then decided I'd just pick out all the rubbish. I filled a big bag with used tissues, and rocks that came home in his pockets, and Uno cards from a deck that I threw out a while ago because it was missing so many, and packaging from various toys, and squashed paper aeroplanes, and artworks done at school now torn and smudged, and Texta lids, and bits of broken toys. And it diminished the pile by about half! Getting there. And you can get from the door to the bed, and to the chest of drawers, and even to the window to open the blind. Amazing.

After a bad sleeping night I bought some cold & flu tablets this morning. I don't take medication much. I think suppressing symptoms can sometimes be a bad thing. Also I took a lot of medication when my shoulder was at its worst and then later found that a lot of people were having heart attacks on that drug and I think there was even a class action against the company. Anyway I took a couple of the day tablets and it has dried up my nose a bit but I feel kind of dizzy and hollow. I think I prefer just having the flu symptoms. But I am really frustrated with being sick for so long.

I'm still sticking to my food plan but it's been much harder for the past couple of days for some reason. Just my mood, I think. I want to comfort myself with food. I've nearly given in a few times but somehow struggled on. I think the tracking is helping - I have a chart with 5 boxes for vegetables, 2 for fruit etc that I fill in each day and I also always know what my main meals are going to be. I have the fruit and any leftover dairy for snacks. So I can look at my chart at any time and know what I have left outside my meals. Right now, after taking into account my upcoming dinner of fajitas (one in a tortilla, then more meat and salad wrapped in lettuce leaves) I know I can have one more fruit and one more dairy, and also have a fat serving left which I could use for a few nuts. So I can have something for afternoon tea and there will still be a little something left over for evening.

I've found it really helps me to have something in reserve. Even though I haven't usually been eating after dinner (off-plan, I used to eat a lot in the evenings!), I don't like the feeling that I am "not allowed" anything else until the next day. Knowing I could have a piece of cheese if I wanted to, or half a serve of fruit, keeps me feeling safe.

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