Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A bit off the rails


I felt so much better yesterday that I even did a little dancing. The kids gave Tim Dance Central 3 for Fathers' Day weeks ago and I hadn't tried it yet, so I got started on the storyline (you are sent back in time and have to master dancing to music from each decade from the 70s onward). It was fun but my heart-rate went up really quickly and I got a bit wheezy after only a couple of songs. A start, though. It has been pouring rain here so I had to do something other than walk.

I went off the rails with food though. It is that time of the month, and I have yet to find a strategy for that. I had a couple of nibbles of things during the day, then at the Tuesday night supper I just let go and had chocolate and liquorice and Burger Rings and cider. And a few grapes and strawberries.  At first it felt awesome to eat all that stuff, then I felt a bit sick. I've forgiven myself and moved on, back on track today.

Kept everyone awake coughing all night and a bit worse today than yesterday but I'm sure I'm on the mend. Little Aiden is home sick. Hoping to hear soon about possible job for husband in Sydney.


  1. Get back on the rails! WHAT DO YOU THINK THE RAILS ARE FOR ANYWAY!

  2. Hey man, the rails are not my boss, ok? I'm a free spirit who will not be oppressed by the rails' opinion on whether chocolate is a health food or not.