Saturday, August 8, 2015

Continuing improvements


Another improved night, another quiet day. I am nearly feeling like myself again. Nothing else to report, except that I am putting my fitbit back on tonight and tracking my food from tomorrow. Time to get back into the game.

Speaking of games, my six-month dietbet just finished. I was disqualified a month ago for not keeping up with weight loss (they don't want people to diet dangerously to drop a lot of weight in the final month), so obviously I didn't win this one. I think I won the first month? Then put it back on and more. I looked at the activity board occasionally, not many people left posting in the final month. I don't plan to do another dietbet. Definitely not another six month one - it is too discouraging if you get behind. And I think I need to find my motivation from within.

Even yesterday I couldn't face the thought of "dieting" - ie eating healthily and cutting down on junk. But today I can. I know I tend to trip on every single hurdle; whether it's ill-health (mainly caused by or contributed to by my obesity) or some other emotional or stressful issue. I am an emotional eater and medicate myself with food. I need to work more on making it a habit, and also keeping temptation a bit further away.

[Edit: that is hilarious. I had literally just posted that when my husband walked in after picking the kids up from a birthday party - and he was loaded down with leftovers that the hostess had given him! I ate my little slice of cake (which I had hinted I would love him to bring), the rest will be going to the next D&D session.]

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