Sunday, August 16, 2015



I didn't wear my Fitbit for about a week because it was rubbing a red patch on my inner wrist. I waited until it was completely healed before I put it back on, but only a couple of days later I again have a red shiny spot. Doesn't hurt, but still. It's nearly 24 hours since I took it off and the mark is still there. No activity monitoring for me for a while!

I lacked energy a bit today, still struggling with waking in discomfort during the night, but continued the packing as well as resting. Starting to make order out of chaos. Oh, and we did our tax returns! They've had online lodgement for a few years but it used to be very complicated. A new system just came in and it's beautiful and easy. Of course I had no self-employment income this financial year, which makes it a lot simpler!


  1. You can always put your fitbit in your pocket. Or use a smart phone app.

  2. Another option that I used when I got an irritated spot under the band was that I put it on my other arm for a few days. It was a little weird feeling, but I got used to it. In the settings you can say whether it is on your dominant arm.

    Also I found that I was more likely to get a red patch if it got wet under the band. I don't wear it in the shower but if I sweat during exercise it can get wet. I've learned to take it off for a few minutes after exercise to make sure it is totally dry.