Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Two months!


Moving in two months!

Another bad night, with pain keeping me awake from about 4am. It's definitely not as bad as it was, say, last Thursday night (the worst night by far), but it is still very disruptive. Painkillers help me doze eventually but no really good sleep. I was unable to get an appointment with my doctor today (I have one booked for next Tuesday but they hold a few spaces open each day for whoever calls the millisecond they open the phones), I'll try again tomorrow.

The cleaner came this morning so I bustled around getting things off the floor. I don't pre-clean for the cleaner but it's hard for him to do his job when there's Lego blocks everywhere. It wasn't quite so bad today because we have moved some things back out to the rumpus room, it's less cluttered in here.

I spent the rest of the morning looking at houses online. There wasn't anything I really liked in the area where we can afford a nice house. A couple of suburbs along towards the coast and nice houses are suddenly $1.3 million! We are looking in an area near my brother-in-law, but closer to train lines than he is.

Then Tim called to say he'd been discussing the move at work and they have settled on a start date only two months away! Which I am all for, I wanted sooner rather than later. Exciting and a bit scary. I'm really glad we've already had all this work done to the house recently, it's that much less to do. I went out and got a few boxes to start packing up non-essentials. I started with clothes that are too small for me! I filled a bag to give to the Salvos, but also a packing box of items I love and hope to wear again one day.

Just before I went out, it started snowing! It's only the third time I've ever seen snow here, and all three times there have been obvious flakes but they melt before they hit the ground. Still exciting. I certainly noticed how cold it was when I went out straight afterwards, and again in the evening taking Jasmine to her dance lesson.

I am so much better emotionally today. Ready to tackle the challenge of moving.


  1. Two months away!! You have a great perspective on moving. I don't like moving at all!!
    I'm really glad your pain was slightly better last night--at least better than last week. Hoping your docs get that figured out quickly.
    Snow!! I'm still fascinated by this whole Northern hemisphere/Southern hemisphere thing. LOL It'll be near 90 Fahrenheit. Our summer, your winter. Stay warm!

    1. When I was single I moved around once a year for six or seven years. I loved it. But I have a lot more stuff now that we are a family of four and have been in the same house for more than ten years. Might be a bit more of a challenge.

  2. Two months away so plenty of time to get sorted and organised ... !!!

    Snow - we have rain at the moment, but I want a little more sun, it is August in the UK so a summer month still.

    Wishing you ... hope the pain eases soon

    All the best Jan