Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dream stomach crunches


I am weirdly sore today low down in my abdomen, in my hip flexors maybe. Aching muscles, I think. I thought at first that it was from hill climbing yesterday, but I don't see how I did anything that would make it hurt just there. Then I remembered that last night I dreamed I was doing lots of sit-ups/stomach crunches. It was easy, in my dream, though I can't do them at all in real life. I don't think I did the actual sit-ups in my sleep, but I think I did probably clench my stomach and back muscles while I was dreaming! And now I'm paying for it. Not that I mind, hopefully I got a lot of benefit from those dream crunches. But I'm taking the day off exercise.

Tim hurt a calf muscle jogging yesterday, so we are both limping around a bit. But he still took the kids for a bike ride in the afternoon.

A game I ordered on Kickstarter a while ago, called Exploding Kittens, arrived today and it's fun. The goal of the game is to NOT draw an exploding kitten card, which kills you. It is cute. I believe it was the most funded Kickstarter of all time. It's by a cartoonist call The Oatmeal.


The abdominal discomfort kept me awake a bit last night, and for a while I was worried it wasn't muscular. But it's got better throughout the day so I'm still guessing it was stomach crunches in my sleep!

We finally gave up on our broken fridge and ordered a new one and it's being delivered tomorrow morning 7:15! We are not usually out of bed yet at that time. But we've emptied the old one (keeping only what we could fit in the Esky) and we're ready. I might have had to eat up some ice cream.

Report card:
Diet: Hmm, not so great.
Exercise: None. I could hardly walk some parts of the weekend! All hunched over.
Water: Poor.
Sleep: A bit better.
Mental health: Good. Nice relaxing weekend. Apart from the pain.

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