Monday, August 24, 2015

Waiting for the bank


We're now waiting to hear back from our loans officer about whether we can make an offer on our favourite house. Apparently it is a big deal if the house has "unapproved structures" and they wouldn't lend us the money if so, so they like to check every potential house before we make an offer or bid at auction. The loans officer told me horror stories about people bidding at auction then the bank refusing to lend the money which left the buyers with real problems. I hope there is no problem with this house. There was a tiny structure housing the BBQ/grill by the pool, and the pool itself wasn't fenced. If we get the house, fencing the pool would be our first priority, with our own children and toddlers in the family.

Today I bought a repeat for my antibiotics, another five days. I don't feel like the first series did me any good at all - if anything I've got a bit worse - but my doctor told me to take two series so that is what I will do. I had quite a bad night; the discomfort is enough to keep me awake often even after taking Panadol. I can't change position at all, I've had to lie on my left side all night for the past three weeks. Any other position and the pain rapidly triples or worse and I have to carefully move back. If you've ever had something that stops you thrashing around in bed or changing positions you'll know how annoying it is to not be able to move.

I haven't exercised at all over these three weeks, just when I was getting into a nice walking routine before that. Even doing the shopping brings on the ache. Today I had to sit down and rest for five minutes in the middle of shopping. That's as much walking around as I can do. And I should be in a whirlwind of packing instead of only a little each day, while trying to keep up with other household tasks. It is really frustrating me.

I'm also not eating particularly well. Just getting myself through the day. I haven't weighed myself for a while. My pants still fit, so that is a good sign. I just have to hope that this second course of antibiotics helps, otherwise it's colonoscopy time!

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  1. Sometimes a second course of antibiotics really helps things. I hope you don't need a colonoscopy but the one advantage of getting one is that the doctor will take biopsies and you'll know for sure what you have.

    Best of luck with the house; how exciting! Bet the little ones will love having a pool.