Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fuzzy head


Nothing much to report, except whining about ill-health all the time. Yesterday I was rather worse. The day didn't start auspiciously, I went back to bed after being up for half an hour. Then I was trying to take a Panadol tablet while still lying in bed and dropped half a cup of water, soaking one pyjama sleeve and a corner of the pillow and mattress. Too much effort to get up, Tim got me a towel and I just stayed in bed. I also did things like putting dinner in the oven without turning the oven on. Fuzzy head.

Thinking better today, still same physical discomfort. Packing work has ground to a standstill, haven't had the energy for more than online house-hunting. It's stressing me a bit that I'm not doing more. But I'll just keep doing a little at a time until I feel well enough to do more.

Clearly I'm not exercising at the moment. Trying to keep my fluid levels up.

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