Friday, August 7, 2015



Horrible night with very little sleep. Lots of pain. Sometimes when the pain is not too bad, like a lot of the daytime this week, it's been hard to pinpoint where exactly in the abdomen it's coming from. But when you're lying awake with two spheres of pain throbbing in your pelvis, it's pretty easy. Today the pain hasn't reduced as much as it has other days after bad nights, and for the first time the pain isn't symmetrical, being rather worse on the left. Feeling a bit worried. Hopefully the tests show something, but it seems so long before I get any results. Two/three days, plus weekend, and then almost straight away for ultrasound report. Call it Wednesday** for all of them. That is a lot of sleepless nights away.

**I couldn't get a follow-up appointment with my doctor until Tuesday week! I booked it in, but I'll keep trying to get one earlier - they have a few available if you call first thing on the day. No way I am waiting that a week and a half if I'm still in pain, I'll see anyone.

When I saw the doctor she asked if I was taking any painkillers and I said no, I think by her follow-up comment she took to mean not bad enough for painkillers. I should have objected. The thing is, medication just isn't my first or second or even fifth choice of treatment for pain. My order probably goes:
1. Sit quietly (TV/book) and hope it gets better
2. Eat something, even if nauseated, unless actually throwing up
3. Drink something, especially tea if I am tired or headachy
4. Nap/sleep it off
5. Search internet to self-diagnose
6. See doctor
7. Painkiller medication, after doctor has mentioned it

Tim is the same. We just rarely even think of taking painkillers. 3am when I decided I needed them it took Tim ages to find some that weren't past their use-by date. They helped a little, pain down to a dull roar and an hour's sleep before waking again. I got up as soon as there was a hint of light. Changing position helps, although it hurts while actually moving. I don't know if it's the lying down that makes it so bad or the fact I am motionless for so long.

Sorry to go on about my health so much but it is rather in my mind at the moment.

I took more painkillers in the afternoon and managed to get comfortable enough to nap a little, not feeling so horrible this evening.

In happier news, I do believe the rumpus room is finished!

This was the "before" with the sagging ceiling, the leak damage, and the rather surprising carpet tiles.

It's great to finally get that finished!


  1. I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get answers and relief very soon.

    1. Thanks Martha, I think the lack of sleep is the worst!

  2. Natalie, I hope they can get you fixed up and feeling better quickly. I'm so sorry you're suffering like this. I can't even imagine the frustration in the waiting. I'll be thinking of you.
    Excellent work on the room!!

    1. Thanks Sean, it is annoying waiting for test results before they can do anything. I don't think I'm a very patient person.