Thursday, August 13, 2015



Much better sleep last night, I didn't wake in discomfort until dawn. And after the first uncomfortable hour or two that seems to be my mornings at the moment, the pain subsided completely. I'm obviously almost over whatever it was - but I'd still like to know what it was wrong with me! Nearly two weeks of pain, quite significant at times.

The painters came back very early (I was up and dressed, due to said discomfort, everyone else was still in bed), moved around the things we'd put in the studio and re-stained the wooden wall that had been discoloured by plaster dust getting into the grooves. All done in an hour. Maybe, just maybe, the room is finished now?? We'll see.

Feeling a little bit of paralysis today, soooo much to do but what to do first? And some things I can't do until closer to the time. I guess what I'm working on is getting the house looking pretty and ready to put on the market, which means hiding a lot of our clutter. So I packed a couple of boxes of books from places where they were double-thick on the bookcases, and a few other things. I got into the groove after a while and tired myself out. It's only a drop in the ocean, so far. But a bit each day and we'll get there. I know Tim will do a lot on the weekends, and Jasmine packed some of her non-essential toys after school.

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  1. Glad to hear pain is better today.

    Slowly, slowly with the packing you'll get it all done in time I'm sure.

    All the best Jan