Thursday, August 6, 2015

Getting worse


I made a doctor appointment on Tuesday about my lower abdominal/pelvic pain but then cancelled because I started to feel better during the day. But I keep having to discard theories about what is wrong, and after yet another bad night last night I called the doctor to reschedule an appointment. Time to get an expert opinion. I searched the internet and couldn't find anything that fitted my symptoms; pain in that particular spot, worse at night, no hernia protrusion, not affecting bladder or bowel function etc. While days are better than nights, it is still very difficult to do anything that involves bending or twisting, like putting on my shoes or picking something up from the floor. Struggling to cope this morning.

I went to the doctor and she wasn't able to give a diagnosis, but she examined me and sent me for blood and urine tests and also for a pelvic ultrasound next week. I'm hoping it will be resolved before I have to do that. It may seem like a trivial discomfort, but anyone whose had to drink a lot of water then not urinate for two hours, and have someone poke around your very full bladder will know just how unpleasant that experience is! One time when I was pregnant I ended up sitting on the toilet crying after the test because I was in so much pain but I couldn't make my body let go and pee. At least this time I don't have a baby sitting on my bladder.

Tim is better today and wonders if he was experiencing a migraine yesterday. He hasn't been diagnosed, but sometimes gets headaches with blurred vision. Worrying.

The painters returned early this morning and did the final coat of paint on the ceiling, now I just need the electrician to replace the lights.

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