Friday, August 28, 2015

Making an offer


I was ashamed of the contents of my shopping trolley today. Some days I look down into the trolley with pride: all fresh foods. Today it contained way too much junk. I know you shouldn't shop when you're hungry and I wasn't - but I was really really thirsty. Can that have an effect? Or was it stress/frustration because the bank loan officer emailed me but said he has to check something so we still can't make an offer. For whatever reason, I just kept tossing tasty unhealthy semi-food treats into the trolley. I started with getting a snack for my daughter to have backstage at her three performances starting from tonight, then I needed something for the rest of us to have while watching the concert, then I just build from there. A snack for the weekend! A snack for this afternoon!

Apart from shopping, my day was again packing and de-cluttering and cleaning each drawer as I empty it. By the afternoon I was tired and cranky.

Jasmine is very excited about her first performance tonight (this is her third year of being involved). It's quite a big deal, at Canberra Theatre, with elaborate (expensive!) costumes. She is in two dances. We aren't seeing tonight, we are going to the final performance tomorrow night. Two very late nights for my girl, and after rehearsals all week. I hope it all goes smoothly.

Just as we were walking out the door to take Jasmine to her dance concert, the bank guy rang and approved the house that we loved. I didn't have time right then, so as soon as Aiden and I got home, after 6pm, I called the real estate agent and made the offer for him to pass on to the owner. Very exciting! The real estate agent seems to be of the opinion that the owner will wait for the auction, which is only a week away, which is fine, but he will pass on the offer. At least we've expressed our intentions and know that they are not going to sell it to someone else without knowing we want it. And you never know, a lot of houses do sell before the auction date.

We saw seven or eight houses last weekend and at every one they took my contact details, so all this week the agents have been calling me to ask if I'm interested in that house, why or why not, maybe some other house they have on their books? I don't mind. Today one sent me details of a nice house that has just come on the market - nice by the internet pictures anyway. Good to have more to look at in case we don't get this one. I am not pinning all my hopes on getting one particular house. We did love this particular one though.

I finished my last antibiotic tablet tonight and I am feeling mostly better. Shopping did not exhaust me today. I no longer hobble along like I've been punched in the ovaries. I don't wake in pain during the night. So hopefully whatever-that-was is pretty much over. I should probably start some gentle exercise again!


  1. Keeping positive thoughts for you for the house purchase - never an easy time.

    Looking forward to reading about Jasmine's performance.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  2. I hope it all works out with the house. That would be great!

  3. Hope everything with the house works out for you!

    When I look down at my cart and feel ashamed of the contents, I know it's time to put some of it back on the shelves. I have heard that it's easy to mistake being thirsty for hunger. I know we aren't supposed to shop when we're hungry so maybe the same goes for thirst?

    Seeing all those tempting foods in the store can be so triggering.