Thursday, August 27, 2015



We had the gardeners here for a couple of hours yesterday and all day today. Usually they just mow the lawn and prune the shrubs, but this time they were getting the gardens ready for selling the house. New plants, lots of mulch and new gravel. It looks wonderful. Tim had thought their quote was a bit high, but about twelve hours work with two men plus plants and mulch and it suddenly seems reasonable. I think it really adds value to the house. I'll take a photo in the light tomorrow - but I should have taken a "before" shot too! It wasn't terrible before, but it looks great all spruced up.

Still haven't heard from the bank and I have no idea what is taking so long. The loans guy acknowledged my request but I'm wondering if he's been out of the office for a few days. Or busy. Or sick. He has pre-approved the amount we can borrow but needs to approve each house we are interested in, I guess so that we are not borrowing more than it is worth. 'Cause then if we went bankrupt and had to sell the house, the bank wouldn't get their money back. I think that is what it's about.

Tim at last has everything in writing from his employer so I need have no lingering fears that the move is going to fall through.

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