Monday, September 14, 2015

Another busy day


Another busy day project managing this move. I continue to wake very early every morning, this morning it was 4:30, and it didn't feel like I got back to sleep at all. Apparently often insomniacs feel like they haven't slept when testing shows they drift in and out of sleep, so I can't say for sure I was awake the whole time, but it felt like it. After a couple of hours of lying there thinking - mainly about houses - I got up. Strangely, considering about five hours sleep, I felt quite alert and happy most of the day (crashed later). Stressed, but excited-stressed. We are having the professional photos taken of our house tomorrow morning and the first open house Wednesday night (by invitation, the pictures won't be on the net yet), and although I keep thinking we are almost ready, there is always something else to do!

We've returned to reasonable surety about smaller house/bigger backyard being our first choice to buy in Sydney. We haven't seen the perfect house, if it exists, but this one suits us best. We are going to make an offer and see what happens. All the real estate agents (and used car salesmen, for that matter) got my phone number on the weekend so I've had a lot of calls about whether I liked various houses (and cars). The phone has hardly stopped ringing all day.

I continue to eat unhealthy food. Maybe that's how I'm keeping my energy levels artificially high. And I didn't have time/make time for a walk. Floriade, Canberra's spring flower festival, is on and I would love to go. I'll have to make time to stroll around the tulips soon. It was lovely outside today. I didn't get out into it much, but at least I was able to turn the heater off at home! It's back on again now for the evening.

I've got a whole weight-gain synergy going between stress, poor sleep, and poor eating. Eating is the only one I can really control, but it's hard when I'm stressed and tired! Not giving up, I'll keep working on it.


  1. hiii! i'd like to follow your blog, but it would be nice to know what was your starting weight and where are you now?

    1. I started this blog five years ago at 83.1 kg. I think I kissed 75 kg for a few seconds somewhere in there. But yesterday I was 84.8 kg, so I'm afraid I'm not the person to give successful weight-loss advice! Read along anyway. Maybe I'll get there someday.