Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Deep gurgles


Any plans I might have made for today went out the window. Aiden complained of a strange feeling in his tummy this morning but I sent him to school. I had to go and pick him up a couple of hours later. He spent half an hour in bed then watched The Phantom Menace. If that gives an image of quiet recovery, no. He was leaping around the lounge room during the exciting bits. He seems fine apart from the odd feeling in his stomach. I know what he means, I've had the same discomfort for the past four days. He'll be back at school tomorrow.

I felt a lot better today.

I updated my phone to ios9 but then the next phone call I got, the man sounded like the creature from the Black Lagoon, incomprehensibly gurgling underwater. Really deep and distorted. Apparently to him I sounded the opposite, like a squeaky chipmunk. Luckily he'd already been through this problem with his wife, and he texted me to turn my phone right off and on again which I hadn't done after the update. It worked. It was quite funny at the time.

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