Friday, September 4, 2015

Auction nerves


The auction for the house we love is tomorrow. We are really nervous! We are trying to resign ourselves to quite possibly not getting it but it's hard not to hope. Tim's cousin has been looking in the same area for over a year without success, the auctions keep going over his budget. We have a little more to spend so fingers crossed. Last time we saw him we were joking about how we could end up bidding against each other! At least if we saw each other at an auction we could sort it out between us, but it would be very unfortunate if it was a private treaty house and we were each individually competing over the phone and not knowing who the other bidder was! I don't think that will happen though, we are not looking for quite the same thing.

It doesn't help our nerves that our real estate agent for selling this house was talking to us last night about how he will maximise the price paid to us at our auction. Tim and I both couldn't help thinking about how that will be working against us as buyers when the other people's agents are doing the same things!

I did my twice-weekly grocery shopping this morning and was driving home when it occurred to me that I no longer have a small fridge with a broken shelf. I have a medium-size fridge with all its shelves. I could probably fit a whole week's worth of groceries in instead of shopping twice a week! I think I'd run out of fruit before the end of the week though. (I don't put fruit in the fridge, but still have to fit it in the house somehow.) Did you know if a household of four people eat their recommended two pieces of fruit a day each, that is 56 pieces of fruit a week! That is a lot of fruit.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.


  1. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow ...

    All the best Jan

  2. Best of luck, be sure to let us know how it went!

    I read an article on Yahoo about an Australian sheep that was enormous with merino wool. Is this a big story where you live? I felt very bad for the sheep but he did get sheared and will hopefully be okay.

    1. Yes I understand that "Chris" is fine. They took more than 40 kilograms of wool off him so he must feel a lot lighter! Apparently one year of wool is usually about 5 kilograms for a normal sheep.

    2. I really like that they named him Chris. I've a nephew by that name! He's not wooly but I love him anyway.

      40 Kilograms will certainly make a lot of sweaters.

  3. Natalie where are you? It is tomorrow NOW :) I hope everything go great for you.