Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First day of spring


As you can see, I actually went out for a walk today! The air was full of the scents of wattle and freshly cut grass. Sunny but still a bit cool - but I warmed up enough to take off my jumper. Actually I went for three walks because I also went up to the school in the afternoon, and walked my friend's children home after a play-date here. Total of around an hour today.

That was the only time I spent moving my body, though. I was on the computer the rest of the day; organising a conveyancer (lawyer for house buying and selling), carpet cleaning, real estate agent etc. Not even any packing today!


  1. Lovely pics Natalie. I'm so jealous that you are in Spring! We are headed into Fall and then the very dreaded winter.

    Hope all goes well with the move.

    1. I was a lovely day, but the next day plunged straight back into dreary wintery rain! Oh well, spring is gradually growing.

  2. Such lovely photo's here Natalie.
    We are going into Autumn but the colours of the trees are so lovely.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

    1. Autumn is one thing I'll miss when we move, you see the seasons change here in the mountains but we're moving to the coast where the trees don't seem to get much colour. But I won't miss the cold.