Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bad hair day ... and contract exchange


Tomorrow is the last day of term 3, and I realised this morning that meant I wouldn't have any time to myself for the next two weeks. So I booked in a haircut. They had a spot free at lunchtime which I went to, but I've never seen it so busy there. Often it's just me, or a couple of other clients, when I go during the week. But today it was packed. Maybe 'cause lunchtime?

My usual hairdresser had actually left so I got a new girl. I told her what I wanted, had my massage (which was lovely) then my hair was washed (lovely) then they put a conditioning treatment on my hair and wrapped my head in a hot wet towel for 10 minutes, while I reclined still in the hair-washing chair. I've never had that before. Actually I think it was a lot longer than 10 minutes, the hairdresser was probably working on someone else. I drifted off, and woke very groggy and dopey. I'm not sure that having a hot head for so long (plus recovering from flu?) was good for me. I'd been feeling pretty good today, apart from my neck glands still swollen and sore, but I was now feeling a bit unwell again.

So I paid little attention to what the hairdresser was doing to my hair, and only at the end realised that her interpretation of "I'm growing it out so keep it as long as possible but I want a fringe (bangs) put back in" looked like this:

I hate it. It looks horrible. I was there for an hour and a half and my head looks like a bowling ball. I wanted to look like this:

Of course I didn't say anything. I can only hope it will look better once I wash and style it myself instead of the sleek blow dry.

I was quite stressed and unhappy and I hadn't eaten a proper lunch yet, my grocery shopping after the haircut did not result in a trolley to be proud of. Back to my old response to negative emotions.

Contracts on the house we are buying were/are supposed to be exchanged today, but as of now (4pm) I still haven't heard from the lawyers. Exchange of contracts is when everyone is locked in to the price, the date etc. We've signed ours and given the deposit, still waiting to receive their signed contract. So frustrating, as we all verbally agreed to everything over a week ago. It's a six week settlement period, and we're running out of time before we really need to move. Tim starts six weeks from Monday! We're down to moving on the final weekend.

... email at 4:11 - contracts have been exchanged! Yay! We'll have a house in time for Tim to start work in Sydney. Just. Big relief that that part is done and locked in.

Now I just have to finish packing, organise schools, removalists, sell our Canberra house, etc etc. Lots of work, but less stressful than not being sure we had the house.


  1. Sorry about the bad hair day


    Great about the exchange of contracts.

    All the best Jan

  2. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate but are handling it well. Don't worry about documents going through on time when buying a house. In my experience, lawyers are very interested in getting the deal done quick, so they will make sure it happens. Congratulations on the new home and good luck!

    Earl White @ Salon 241