Friday, September 25, 2015

New car and lots of walking


I took our old car in to be serviced today, we needed it in decent shape for driving to Sydney on the weekend. They found some specific things wrong and gave me a price I was willing to pay, with some misgivings. I left it with them and did the 20 minute walk home. I was feeling better than yesterday after the hot towel head wrap thing, but still found the walk a bit of a challenge.

Then the dealership called and our new car was available today, not Tuesday! In time for the drive to Sydney tomorrow, excellent. So I walked up there, further away than the repair place, I didn't time it but at least 30 minutes maybe 40 at my dragging speed. The car was sitting out front (I knew it by the license plate number) and looked very snazzy, I went in to do the paperwork. Only to find that there was a problem and I couldn't have it until Tuesday after all! After the long walk, too! I was exhausted and quite depressed. I was going to have to ask someone to drive me home, maybe in the new car I wasn't allowed to keep yet.

But the two salesmen I was dealing with hustled around and made phone calls and found a way to let me have it today. They actually did quite a lot to make it work. I took it out for a drive with the salesman and he showed me all the bells and whistles (it may not be this year's model, but it is a lot fancier than our ancient bomb!), then I finally got our new baby home just before the kids got back from school.

Quite pretty, isn't she? The kids were very excited.

Shortly after that the car repair people rang to say the old car was ready to be picked up. Another walk, this time with the kids zooming ahead on their scooters. By the time we got there we didn't have time to take it home and swap with the new car, had to drive straight to ballet in the old one.

Tim won't get to see it in daylight until tomorrow, but we'll get lots of driving in this weekend. And maybe work out a way to reduce the volume of the voice of the GPS directions.

I did over 10,000 steps today, far more than I've been doing lately. Physically and emotionally exhausting day.


  1. Car looks great ...

    Well done on your walking.
    Hope the weekend goes well.

    All the best Jan

  2. I love walking! I have lost a lot of weight just walking around the house and the neighborhood. I purchased a pedometer and keep tabs on how many calories I burn every day. Combining that with keep a calorie diet of what I eat definitely makes it easier to keep my weight at a manageable level. Plus, I don't have to put a huge number of miles on my car. Walking saves on maintenance and fuel!

    Edward Taylor @ Niguel Auto

  3. There really is no other feeling like sitting in a brand new car. One of the reasons we chose this car was for the interior. Everything was so perfectly laid out that you could reach it easily whether you were driving or the front passenger. I really have no complaints other than I wish I would have gotten the hatchback.

    Douglass @ Viva Kia

  4. Thank you for letting me post to your blog. We headed down to the dealer with our car and began looking at an SUV but I couldn't help but fall in love with this hatchback vehicle. The dealer gave us an incredible deal for our vehicle and we wound up paying half what we thought we were going to for the new SUV.

    Paige Hollingsworth @ Baldwin Motors Lincoln