Friday, September 18, 2015

Determined to do better


Seems like I jinxed myself yesterday talking about stress causing illness. Woke at 4:30 with very sore throat, and have been feeling fatigued, achy and unwell all day. I haven't been much interested in food, and when I do eat I feel a bit sick. I've been trying to rest myself as much as possible, but with someone coming back to show their husband the house tonight I had to do a little. Make beds, rest, hide laundry baskets, rest. I was lucky it was mostly still clean and tidy! I had hoped to fit in a trip to the flower festival Floriade today but I wasn't up to it. It's still open for another three weeks, so that is ok.

I am really determined to do better with diet and exercise etc. I made myself drink more water today. I did the grocery shopping and didn't buy any junk food. I threw away some Doritos leftover from yesterday. I wasn't perfect, but much better than other recent days. It's a start.

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