Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting the house ready for sale


We had the real estate agent visit tonight to sign up for him selling our house, so I spent the entire day flat out cleaning. I had already packed pretty much all the things we can live without for a couple of months, but I still had the things we are keeping unpacked to tidy away, and all the floors to vacuum etc. I had the whole house sparkling. And guess what? He didn't even look around! He'd been here six months ago when we first talked about moving and remembered it well enough for tonight's purposes, and he'll visit during the day one time soon to have another look around.... arg! Oh well, with three open houses a week I guess I'll have to keep the house clean all the time for the next six weeks anyway. (Bugger!) But my legs are so tired and my knee is aching and I feel like I spent the whole day cleaning for nothing.

But on the up side, we negotiated all the details with the agent and the house will be on the market in a couple of weeks. As I said to Tim today, I feel like I'm trying to juggle three kittens and a chainsaw. I have to co-ordinate building reports with getting final little repairs done and professional photos taken and lawyers and real estate agents and some have to be finalised before other things. But it is all coming together.

And I got a pretty good housework workout today.


  1. Three Kittens & and a Chainsaw, sounds like the title, and a killer one at that. Wishing you the best during this new journey.

    1. Exciting, for sure. We are looking to moving and cannot wait until that day.

  2. It must be a lot of work keeping the house in tip top shape for showings. When I was looking for a condo a few years ago, the very clean ones did make the best impression so all the cleaning does pay off! I was always very distracted by the filthy units or the ones when the owners were home and followed you about when looking. Also distracting were the homes that smelled very bad and were boiling hot. Some sellers didn't seem to worry much about making a good impression.

    I imagine your home is lovely and will sell very quickly! I hope you and your family will be very happy in the new home.

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