Monday, September 7, 2015

Clean carpets


When I told Aiden it was time to get up this morning, he asked for a day off school because we'd had such a big weekend. I totally empathised, although I couldn't allow it. Tired though we may be, we all had duties for the day.

The carpets were being cleaned this morning so as much furniture as possible had to be moved into the kitchen and bathrooms. Tim went to work leaving me with that job! I cursed him a few times as I dragged heavy things around by myself. (When he got home tonight he said he thought it was just the normal cleaner coming not the carpet cleaner, so I guess I'll forgive him.) At least the house was pretty tidy and uncluttered already. But I was still tired from the day before, and as usual I'd been awake since about 5am, so it was hard work moving everything around.

The two courses of antibiotics reduced my pelvic pain by a lot, but not entirely. I hoped it would then get completely better on its own but it had remained as a dull ache that bothers me in the early hours of the morning or if I stand too long. I need to get a blood test to see if I've been successfully absorbing the Vitamin B12 tablets that I started three months ago, so I'll be seeing my doctor soon and I'll ask her then about the continuing abdominal pain. I'm still having no other symptoms, which makes it hard to diagnose.

The carpet cleaning guy came and did his work as I sat and looked at houses online. As usual the carpets came up pretty nice. It's only been three months since the last clean. I don't think of myself as much of a house-cleaner, but the various people that come to steam-clean always seem quite relieved at the state of the carpets here and tell me horror stories about soaked-in dog urine and people who don't vacuum for decades. I guess I'm not so bad!

After that I did the grocery shopping,  only for three days because I was too tired to plan any further ahead than that! Then I had a bit of a rest before moving all the furniture back. I'd put some chairs outside because I'd run out of non-carpet floor space. They were under cover and not particularly near any flowering trees, but when I went to bring them in they were covered in yellow pollen! So many wattle trees in full flower at the moment.

I seem to be keeping other aspects of my life under control at the moment, but not my diet. Still turning to the wrong sorts of foods to get me through the day.


  1. Aiden sounds quite adorable! Love that he asked for a day off of school. Hope springs eternal.

    I bet your carpets look very lovely now. Freshly clean carpets are a thing of beauty! Your cleaners are right; some people's carpets are truly repulsive; especially if they have pets.

    I'm sorry to hear your still experiencing the pelvic pain. I used to have endometriosis and the pain sounds very similar. Were the doctors able to rule that out? Mine only resolved once I reached menopause and ran out of estrogen!

    It's not easy to eat right when you're under lots of stress; hang in there!

    1. I likely have adenomyosis which I think is similar to endometriosis, it's been indicated in pelvic ultrasounds twice over the past couple of years. I was hoping it wasn't that causing the pain, because the only real cure is a hysterectomy.