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What a frustrating morning. I was waiting for final, very important documents before we sign and exchange contracts on this house and pay a deposit (after that, they can't sell it to someone else even if they make a better offer). No internet access until 11:20 - and then it still hadn't arrived! Also I was trying to print out the 35 page contract and my printer got all stubborn. You know what that can be like. Chewed pages, running out of ink, anything it could think of piss me off. I ended up feeding in one sheet of paper at a time.

My stress levels are just so high at the moment. I had a look at that chart that ranks stressful life events, and what with both my parents dying and moving house and a few other things my score was approaching the dangerous level that is shown to cause illness. Ah well, all I can do is push on with things.

Jasmine is feeling a bit sad because her classmates are organising the Yr 6 graduation and she won't be here. A few people are surprised we are moving so close to the end of the school year (I think there will be 7 weeks left when we go) but I don't want to split the household and have Tim in Sydney by himself. Three months was the longest we could stretch to organise this move. I hope she makes friends quickly in the new school and feels part of that when she graduates. I must say, the whole "graduation from primary school" seems a bit odd to me, I'm sure they didn't have that when I was at school, or not such a big thing. It's not like anyone fails primary school.

We had our first open house last night. The information wasn't up on the internet's real estate pages yet, but the agent knew some people who were looking in this area and invited them along. We were out at Jasmine's dance lesson (the agent always recommends the owner isn't there) but I felt nervous the whole time. I've had dreams about frantically trying to tidy a filthy house while people crowd outside waiting to come in!

Two doors down from us are coincidentally also selling their house, and my daughter noticed their ad. on the internet yesterday afternoon. Their auction was exactly the same date and time as ours! I quickly called my agent and he has changed ours. We don't want people to have to choose which one to come to! Only one person can buy each house, so you want the rest to come to the other auction. Ours will be first. Their house is a little smaller but recently renovated. I am really happy with the pictures of ours, it looks great.

Funny thing happened today. I had a plumber here for a minor job and he mentioned that it was a nice-looking house. I jokingly said it was on the market if he was interested - and he was! I showed him around a bit and he might be back for an open house, he seemed to think it suited his family. Or he might have been just being polite.

Our agent called and someone who saw the house at the pre-showing last night wants to bring her husband to see it but they can't come on the weekend, so we organised a time. That sounds promising. We wouldn't be averse to an offer before auction - but we don't really want to leave this house before having somewhere to move to!

In the end, got those important documents just after 4pm. Signed the contract for the house and dropped it, plus the deposit, off at the solicitor. It's not final until the contracts have been "exchanged" and our lawyer has their signed copy, I doubt that will be before Monday. So still a bit more stressful waiting. Oh, and I can stress that our bank will suddenly decide not to lend us the money, and we'll lose our deposit. Not likely, but it's another thing to keep me awake at night.

Lets have a report card check.
Diet: Terrible. This is possibly the worst I've eaten in my life. Take-away several times a week and junk snacks in between.
Exercise: Terrible. No time to exercise. Or too stressed to make time. And I hurt my knee two weekends ago trudging up and down the driveway with things for the skip bin, and it's still a bit sore.
Water: Terrible. Yesterday I had three glasses of water and two cups of tea. Pretty standard at the moment.
Sleep: Terrible. I wake very early every morning and can't get back to sleep.
Mental health: Poor. I'm not absolutely unhappy, just very stressed.

So, my life is a bit topsy-turvy at the moment.

I had a blood test yesterday and there was that sign on the wall "Dance like no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt, sing like no one is listening, live like it's your last day on earth." Sounds pretty, but I disagree with most of it! I prefer to dance and sing like I'm performing to a huge (adoring) audience. And if I knew it was my last day on earth I certainly wouldn't be "wasting" my time cleaning my house, waiting around for a plumber, or spending half the day on phone and email organising this home purchase. Planning for the future is just as important as living in the now. Well, I think so, anyway. If you didn't, you'd quickly run out of clean clothes for a start! How about "Live as if you're going to live for a thousand years." Therefore plan for the future, be careful with money and your relationships, but enjoy each day as well. Am I overthinking this?

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