Saturday, September 19, 2015

New car


We had our first proper advertised open house today to sell our home. We did the pre-showing tidy up then left the house. The real estate agent called later to say 21 people/families came through, and quite a few asked for a copy of the contract which means they are considering purchasing. Nice! Another open house tomorrow. Our plan is to sell at auction, but if someone makes a really good offer beforehand then we'll consider it.

While we were banned from being at home, we went and looked at cars. Financially it is a weird time to be spending more money, but our current car is well over ten years old and really on its last legs, or should I say wheels. It makes the most awful sounds, and is quite difficult to steer. I think I've had it repaired twice in the past six months but that doesn't last long. We did another test drive of a car we liked and then it turned out they had a similar car but with features we preferred (mainly we wanted a sedan not hatchback) elsewhere so they're getting that one for us. It will take a couple of weeks, but then we'll have a nice car. It's a small Ford, in red. Four wheels, five if you count the steering wheel. Oh, there is probably a spare hidden somewhere so that is six. The pedals make it go faster or slower. And that is about the limit of my automobile expertise. 

We're keeping the old car for the time being, it might be handy to have two during the move, but then I imagine we'll get rid of it.

My throat is a bit better today but I've come down with other cold/flu symptoms and feel pretty rotten. Luckily I could rest all afternoon. Also my knee is better and my pelvic pain now almost completely gone, so I only have to deal with this one thing.


I am now a snot production machine. Feel like a zombie that has been deprived of brains. We had another open house so I couldn't just stay in bed. We dropped Jasmine at a birthday party and had lunch at a Thai restaurant. Meanwhile a few people went through our house, a couple of them return visitors. Later Tim and the kids went to another birthday party while I collapsed at home. Yay for naps.


  1. Drawing from my experience, I’d suggest that you go for the hatchback when you visit your local dealer if your family is quite sizeable, since the extra space will do you wonders. Otherwise, you can easily opt for a sedan and it wouldn’t really hurt that much. And I’m also glad that you’re now looking to replace an aging vehicle—today’s standards have certainly risen a bit, so it likely wouldn’t catch up. Cheers!

    Victoria Robbins @ Diviniti Auto

  2. If you want my honest opinion, go for the hatchback. I almost got the sedan, but we just went the opposite way at signing. Looking back I am so glad we did. As the kids got older, we needed room for bigger toys, camping equipment, and it was worth the switch. We don't know how we would have survived without it.

    Kourtney @ Thomas Sales and Service Ford