Sunday, September 13, 2015

Biggest Loser


Ok, we've essentially decided to initially pursue the smallest house with a nice backyard for the kids in a good area near a school. At least that is what we are thinking this morning! Our primary issue with this house is that the third bedroom is really quite small (currently furnished as a study). It would be Aiden's and I don't want him to be too cramped. We've decided on a couple of ways to ameliorate this problem: firstly we could get him one of those beds that is like a top bunk with a desk or drawers underneath which maximises space - his best friend has a bed like that and he loves it. And secondly with a very minor renovation we could remove a linen cupboard on the other side of the wall that pushes into his bedroom, giving him a bit more room.

One day in the future when he is a teenager and we have lots of spare money (sure, it will happen), we can build another room for him on the back of the house. And a pool. One day.

Another good thing about it is they are not auctioning, they have an asking price. It's right at the top of our budget but we think it is a little overpriced and will make a lower offer. I'm sure that is what they would expect anyway, haggling a bit is normal. Of course there may be other people interested, but at least we don't have to go to auction!

The second house in the right area is bigger and just lovely, but no backyard is a real problem for us. There is just a tiny paved area. It's such a small block the house takes up the whole block. And no park or anything right nearby either. Our kids love playing outside. So we've moved that to our second choice. And the third house (with the pool) is just too far from schools as well as some other minor flaws.

Ok, back to the healthy living!

I actually got a nice surprise when I weighed myself this morning, something I haven't been doing much lately. I was fearfully expecting a big increase, but my weight has only been creeping up very slowly. It may seem odd being happy about any increase, but I know what I've been eating lately! It is how I respond to stress. So I was relieved. But I know I need to stop the upward trend and turn it around right now. I have a lot of health issues and they are basically all caused by my weight.

I am have some plans.

I will start tracking again. I've downloaded Myfitnesspal because a lot of people seem to like it and it syncs with Fitbit. I'm trying wearing my Fitbit again, but if it irritates my skin again I'll use my phone to track activity. I'm limiting calories but not any particular foods. Eating more fruit and vegetables. I will drink all my water. I will start walking again.

My other idea is to use Biggest Loser to motivate me. A new series starts here tonight and it is one of my favourite shows. I know this is very controversial! In its defence, the Australian version is relatively mild and supportive. I've seen the US version and was a bit horrified at how the trainers treat the contestants. The Australian trainers are nice, tough without being abusive. Anyway, I enjoy watching it.

My plan is to find something on every episode to use in my own weight loss, whether that is an exercise or a tip on diet or something about dealing with the psychological side of weight issues. As I watch, I will think "how can this help me?"

We spent the day working hard, quite a bit outside. No formal exercise, but another good housework workout! Food was not great. Food was pretty poor, actually. And we're no longer sure which house! Arg!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the first episode of Biggest Loser, the four trainers met their teams (families of four). They spent a few days having to eat what the families were eating - and not allowed to exercise. The trainers all felt completely sick, nauseated, headachy, Tiffany broke out in acne, Michelle was crying, Shannon looked like he wanted to punch someone, the Commando was the only reasonably stoic one and even he said he couldn't wait for it to be over. For them, a few days of unrestricted eating was NOT fun, they knew what it was like to feel healthy and this wasn't it!

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