Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rest day


I decided I needed a rest day today. No frantic cleaning or rushing around doing anything else, and no dwelling on the stressors in my life, just recovery from this flu. Reading and TV and naps.

I was supposed to go to an appointment with my doctor to follow up whether I am successfully absorbing B12 from the tablets, or whether I need injections. Last time I needed to contact my doctor, three weeks ago, they were having problems with their phones and I couldn't get through for a couple of days. When I finally asked them about it in person, they said they knew about the issue and were having it attended to. Today I tried to ring to postpone my appointment (rather ironic I suppose, cancelling a doctor appointment because I'm sick). And tried. And tried. Over and over for more than an hour. Either I got a "user busy" signal or else the phone rang out with no one answering. I guess they're still having issues. After three weeks! Nothing on their website, and no other way to contact them except snail mail.

The big frustrating irony was that the only two minutes I was away from my phone all morning I missed a call from them, saying I'd missed my appointment and to call them! Yeah, why don't I try that... They'd better not try to charge me, I will absolutely refuse to pay. (In Australia the government pays about 2/3 through Medicare and you pay about 1/3, depending what medical service you are using.) I will speak to them in person next time I am at my local shops. If I'd known about the continuing phone problem I would have dropped in yesterday when I was dragging myself through some essential shopping right next door.

It was a grey dreary day, with pea-size hail at lunchtime (I had the idea it only hails on warm sunny days when the weather changes suddenly. Definitely not the case today). Perfect day for just hanging out at home taking care of myself. It helped, I think. I'm starting to feel better, I even had the energy to tackle the laundry in the afternoon. It was really nice to have a day when I didn't feel a lot of pressure to be tackling my to-do list.

I've been doing a bit better with food. Still eating some convenience foods like frozen meals and home-delivery because I haven't felt up to cooking much and Tim is home too late during the week to cook for the kids, but I haven't been buying between-meal junk. Maybe I shouldn't take the credit for that, food isn't very appealing right now, but I'll pat myself on the back anyway!

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