Friday, December 4, 2015

Bird Wars


Kookaburras on the roof.

I decided I'm not going to feed the magpies any more. The butcher bill is getting a bit expensive! I was excited at first because they would take food from my hand, but actually I don't like magpies very much, they are common and can be aggressive and just not glamorous enough! And they poo all over everything, they seem to be the worst culprits by far. This morning the two adults and noisy adolescent came and stared at me through the kitchen window for a long time, I went out and shooed them off every time they got on the table. I don't mind them sitting on the chair backs so much although it can still get messy. Eventually they gave up, for the moment.

Last night one of the three kookaburras acted differently to usual. He'd take a piece of meat and fly away, but moments later be back for another one. He made nine trips in all, until it ran out I guess. Usually they just eat their fill and leave. This morning there were FOUR kookaburras! So I'm thinking he has a girlfriend and was showing what a great provider he is and/or teaching her to trust the nice lady who feeds them. (I assign gender randomly, they all look the same to me.) The four came and chatted to each other and had a nice breakfast, then sat up on the roof. And one magpie snuck in (walking, not flying) and took the last piece of meat. Oh, there was a fuss! He was chased under the table and verbally abused. They are similar size but kookaburras have a wicked beak for spear-fishing and I think the magpie dad was very intimidated. He's a deadbeat dad anyway, he's often skulking around without his family and the poor mother looks harassed with her feathers all messy. No time to herself with a cranky child to feed!

I did a huge grocery shop today, how could I fill a whole trolley just for the weekend?? I guess I am feeding ten people on Sunday night. But still. At least a lot of it was fruit and veges!

I haven't been feeling great physically the past few days. My diverticulitis is a bit worse again - if that is what the pelvic pain is, my doctor seemed to rule everything else out after the blood test and ultrasound showed nothing, I need to find a new doctor now we've moved and get a colonoscopy to confirm, urg - and also my sciatica with shooting pains down my left hip. And the wart on the sole of my foot that makes it hurt to walk. Today with the pelvic pain it was uncomfortable even standing for any period of time. Sigh. Well I've started increasing my fruit and veges to get more fibre (recommended for diverticulitis) but I'm not sure how much weight I'll lose over Christmas! And I've realised it isn't practical to join the gym now as the kids get six weeks summer holiday after their final two weeks of school and I wouldn't be able to go. My old gym had classes for kids for a while but then stopped, and I think most gyms won't let people under 16 in the doors except to the crèche which my kids are bit old for - and anyway they don't have crèche during school holidays. At least my old gym didn't. Who came up with that brilliant decision? Like we don't need childcare somehow during holidays? We need it more! So anyway I'll need an alternative for the next couple of months until school goes back. Walking in the morning before it gets too hot, dancing in the lounge room maybe. I know I have to push through this discomfort, but also need to find a local doctor and get it sorted out. Except there is no cure if it is diverticulitis (except surgery in really severe cases), the treatment is to avoid a Western-style diet and get lots of fibre.

Honestly, it seems like every time I turn around something is telling me to eat less junk food and more plant food. Will the universe shut up already? Do you really think it's worth changing my whole diet and sedentary lifestyle just to avoid diabetes and get rid of sleep apnoea and pelvic pain and look better and not die young and fat? Hmm. Maybe you've got something there.


  1. I spent far more on Thanksgiving last week than I thought and I wasn't the one who was cooking

    1. Celebrations can get expensive, can't they! But I think I will still spend less hosting here for Christmas than the accommodation bill staying here a couple of nights when we lived further away.