Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas shopping


I wish I was wearing my Fitbit today, I would love to know how many steps I took! I was Christmas shopping for nearly five hours, walking around a huge shopping centre. My feet and legs were so sore and tired by the end. My feet invented new swear words! I bought a few things, not as many as I'd hoped, but also a couple of new pretty shirts for myself. I like to have something new to wear on Christmas Day and maybe Boxing Day too. I don't like shopping for clothes but it is my personal tradition and it makes me find something to fit the shape I am, not wait until that magical day in the future when I'm thin. I managed to find a couple I'm reasonably happy with.

I have mostly finished buying presents for the children, but have nothing yet for Tim! And let me tell you, that is just as important! I heard on the news tonight that we are officially into "last minute Christmas shopping". Arg!

I didn't do so well with food, buying greasy food-court Chinese. It was interesting to see that the longest queues for food were at the KFC! I was thinking to myself, with all this choice why would you go for KFC? Then I had my Chinese and found out why. Not very nice. None of the food seemed healthy or appealing, but later as I made my way around the huge complex I found another area with both fresh food (butchers, greengrocers etc) and more interesting lunch options. I'll have to make sure I'm at that end at lunchtime next time I go there. I didn't end up having lunch with my sister-in-law, at lunchtime I wasn't near her and was already too tired to take all the extra steps. But I missed out on a better lunch because I'm sure she knows the complex well.

My legs are seriously aching, I think I'll need to soak in a bath before bed.

It was the kids' last day of school before six weeks holiday, and Tim is also taking a couple of weeks off from tomorrow. Holidays! We aren't going anywhere, but preparing for Christmas and finishing (hopefully) the unpacking and just relaxing in our new house. I'm sure we can fit in a trip or two to the beach. Tim and the kids all seem really tired and run down, they need a nice break.

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  1. I haven't been to KFC in a long time, though I never ate there. My mom would bring me along when I was younger.