Monday, December 21, 2015



Our new table arrived today! I was very worried about whether I would still like it, considering I had doubts the moment we walked out of the store, but it's great. Fits the space well and looks good.

The chairs alternate light blue and mid-blue (we thought that would be interesting). In the first picture they look green and in the second really bright colours! Actually they are somewhere in between the two. Smoky blue. They are really comfortable to sit in. And wipe clean. Our old table was four seater, this one is eight before we even extend it! We kept our old chairs for when we need them, but they took the old table away. We are all really happy with it.

And Tim picked up Aiden's wardrobe (flatpacked) from the hardware store. We still need to put it together. Looks like the house really will be ready for Christmas! It's really nice seeing it emerge from chaos into order (gradually) room by room. It's taking a while, but it's happening.

Pouring rain all day. I loved the cool change.


  1. The new table is wonderful Natalie; love how many it will seat and the chair cushions!


    1. Forgot to say, that I especially like the pattern on the top. Very unique!