Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas


As usual, I had a lovely time over Christmas but I'm exhausted and kind of glad it's over!

The presents were ready under the tree the night before, with cake for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.
In the morning we opened our presents and had breakfast then it was time to get on with cooking the turkey. Family arrived with their lunch contributions and we all sat down around 12:30 I think. A few of people had lunch with the other side of their family, we were 12 in number and all fit comfortably around our new table.
More present opening, then we kicked everyone out so we could go to my grandfather's for dinner, about an hour drive away. It was strange and sad without my mum or aunty Bev with us this year, and I had a nasty jolt when I saw my mum's car parked there but of course my brother drives it now. But it was nice to see the rest of my family, who I generally only see at Christmas and weddings and funerals. We will see them a bit more often now we live in the same city.

Poppa (grandad) has lived out in the country for the past 30 years, but in the last two years Sydney has expanded and enveloped him. The roads used to be rutted with no curb and houses far apart. Now there are footpaths and houses lined up side by side, Poppa's shabby little house has a high fence around with tall houses peeking over instead of looking out on open countryside. Really strange.

After dinner we walked a couple of (very new) blocks to where my cousin has bought a block of land. So far he has a rather attractive fence which he spent four months building himself, and nothing else! He backs onto a nature reserve with a creek so he will still have a bit of the country feel.

Then home again, and to bed.

The next morning more cleaning and cooking. I was expecting 17 for lunch, and when Tim's aunt arrived she mentioned that she had invited some more relatives we rarely see, so it was going to be 21! We had the leftovers from Christmas plus Tim did his magic with the BBQ and I cooked some fish for those on Lent. The guests spilled outside into the courtyard and down to the games table, but we fit them all in somehow.

After lunch we left the toddlers with a few adults and the rest of us went to see the new Star Wars movie, which we all enjoyed very much. "The force" had given us all Star Wars related clothing for Christmas, so Jasmine and I wore appropriate T-shirts but were outshone by the boys. Aiden was the new character Kylo Ren and Tim was Darth Vader - in full costume! That was fun. I was in too much of a rush to take a photo, but other people did so I'll get one from somewhere. Back home, found a few people were staying on to dinner. Of course they said they could just eat leftovers or toast, don't go to any trouble, but we'd eaten most of the leftovers already and that would be a lot of toast! I cooked roast lamb. Finally everyone left around 9:30 and I had a nice soak in the bath before collapsing into bed.

So, all in all, had a great time, but very tiring.

I don't really eat a lot at family gatherings, too busy and happy. I am a secret comfort eater, my binges are alone in front of the TV. At dinner I see other people's plates piled high with everything offered, I have a much smaller amount of my favourites with lots of free space on the plate. I do have dessert, but even then don't overeat. I wish I could be like that all the time.

I'm not waiting until Jan 1, but I am giving myself today to eat some of the leftover desserts and chocolates I was given as presents. Then I'm clearing out the fridge. 2016 is going to be my year to achieve some goals!


  1. I got some star wars stuff for christmas after my mom said she didn't know what to get me. She saw the new movie with us. I told her "I like star wars, have fun finding something"

    1. Everything has been branded Star Wars this year. Even apples!

  2. Your Christmas sounds just perfect! I admire how effortlessly you seem to cope with having so many for meals; I would have a nervous breakdown with that many visitors!

    I do the same thing with my eating. In public, I eat normal or even small amounts. I also binge in private when in front of the t.v. I think we must feel safer in that setting.

    The table looks wonderful filled with all the food and those enjoying it. You got it just in time!