Monday, December 14, 2015

Waste management


Tired and cranky day today. I just felt a bit out of sync with the world. But I got through it ok.

I took the car load of junk to the waste management centre, it's only about 10 minutes drive away from here. It wasn't stinky at all like I'd feared, at least not the bit where I was. The non-recyclable stuff went over a low fence and down into a bus-size skip bin on a level below so that bit was easy, and it was also right next to where they told me to park the car. But the cardboard went into a tall skip with the rim above eye-height on me, across the carpark! I trotted back and forth from the car and heaved it all in over my head. It was kind of fun actually. Different, a bit challenging, but not too hard.

Only one more day of school for my kids then six weeks of summer holidays, so I need to enjoy my last day of freedom for a while tomorrow! Actually I plan to go Christmas shopping all day, maybe have lunch with my sister-in-law. That will be nice.


  1. My city has trash and recycle pick-up. I don't think I could take that much trash in my car to the dump

    1. We do too, we have weekly trash and fortnightly recycle and green waste (branches etc). But it would have taken us forever to fit the amount we had in those bins along with our regular trash.