Saturday, December 26, 2015



Today has flown by so fast! Every time I looked up, another few hours had gone by. I had a lazy day at home. Aiden tried out his new bike. He had completely outgrown his old one, this one fits him just right.
I had allowed myself today to eat a few treats left over from Christmas but really didn't have much. A bit of chocolate in the afternoon and dessert (Toblerone cheesecake, worth the calories!) after dinner. I felt no urge to binge on anything. I was tired, but not in a bad way. A natural consequence of a busy few days.

I spent some time preparing for my return to healthy living tomorrow. I'm feeling quietly confident. I've made a shopping list for tomorrow, packed with healthy food. My Fitbit is charged - it tends to rub on my wrist but I'm going to try alternating arms. My CPAP is washed and ready on my bedside table. I was given a new Dance game for the Xbox for Christmas, I'll try that out tomorrow. I've joined a 4-week DietBet that starts tomorrow so I'll weigh-in in the morning; I'll need to lose about 3.5 kg. I'm as ready as I can be!

I'll be following something similar to a Mediterranean diet, what I consider a sensible diet; low in processed food and high in fresh fruit and vegetables, moderate protein and fat, fairly low carb (at least low in processed carbs). I will be counting calories and tracking with the Fitbit app that syncs with my Charge HR. And drinking lots of water. I'm ready!


  1. You go girl, I'll be cheering you on!

  2. I actually saw a kid in my neighborhood riding his younger sister's pink bike. Talk about time for a change.