Monday, December 7, 2015



I weighed myself this morning and was very surprised to see 84.1kg. I rechecked and got 84.3kg twice in a row so I'll go with that. That's a kg less than last week! I have been trying to eat less junk food but I've by no means been a paragon of healthiness so I was expecting to be about the same. Could be just a fluctuation, but it's nice to think I've lost a little through eating a bit better than I was.

We're having an ongoing problem with Jasmine's hair which I wasn't going to mention but it's just getting frustrating! When she had the big knot cut out, the hairdresser found head lice. I hadn't seen any in all my hours of brushing, and she didn't see any the first day of detangling, so they must have all been in the knot. Anyway, the hairdresser treated her hair and gave me the stuff to use a week later to get any that were hatched since then. But two days later Jas said her head was itchy and sure enough there were still head lice. I used the stuff the hairdresser gave me and did all the combing and washing her sheets and pillow and clothes (again). No one else in the family seemed to have head lice, although just thinking about it makes us all feel itchy! Two days later, itchy head, more lice. Maybe that brand of stuff wasn't working well, we bought another brand I'd used in the past. Re-did her hair, linen etc. Two days later, this morning, itchy head. Checked again, MORE head lice! Little tiny ones, presumably newly hatched. Arg! Did the whole routine for the fourth time is less than a week. Maybe she's picking it up from one of her friends? Or is her hair so fine the combs (two different ones, one metal one plastic) aren't getting the eggs out? We've never had a problem like this before. I checked her again when she got home from school and she seems to be louse-free now, fingers crossed!


  1. Yes, fingers crossed indeed. I hope the problem is solved for good! Head lice is so common amongst school children. And sometimes they pass it back and forth.

  2. The problem maybe at school. It's hard to tell. But just reading your post, my head is itchy now LOL

  3. Poor dear-- hard to get rid of and such a pain for you all. You might want to check with the school to see if there's an outbreak? Those critters also *love* fine hair.