Saturday, December 5, 2015



We spent a lot of the day at a birthday picnic/BBQ for a two year old family member. It was a lovely location, a big park next to where the Sydney Olympics were held. Rolling hills and trees and water and bike paths.

Good: Almost no flies! So I didn't mind eating outside.
Bad: We weren't served lunch until 2:30pm.
Good: I know these people and their sense of time (or lack thereof)! So I wisely made sure I ate a significant amount before we left home, and got through until official lunch with only a very few Doritos, instead of standing over the food table shovelling chips and lollies down my throat.
Bad: The only drinks on offer were fizzy soft drinks - and warm! But it was that or water straight from the tap in the public toilets (without a cup). So I had half a can of lemonade, wishing for cool water.
Good: I sat in the shade chatting, and didn't get burned.
Bad: Jasmine got a bit sunburnt running around, despite sunscreen and a hat.
Good: The kids got to run around!
Bad: I was hoping to get a lot more done at home today with Tim to help me unpack.
Good: We had a lovely day with family.


  1. I remember getting bad sunburn on my back after a day of the waterpark when I was little. I like spray suntan lotion because I usually don't miss anything

    1. My worst sunburn was the tops of my feet! I think that day I put sunscreen on while I still had my shoes on, then took the shoes off when we got to the beach.