Monday, December 14, 2015

Still creek?


I went for a little walk this morning, around 20 mins. My plan is to gradually explore the surrounding streets, maybe print out a map and mark off where I've been. It will go a bit quicker if I walk more than once a week! We're near the bottom of a hill here so whichever way I go it's uphill on the way out and downhill on the way home. Within a grid of straight main roads, the smaller roads are all little twisty dead-end streets which are nice to walk around. Today I walked across our road and looked at the little creek directly opposite (there are no houses on the other side of our road).

Looking back at our house:

The start of the little creek (I wonder what it is called? It might be "Still Creek" but I'm not sure, for some reason I found it very hard to find out on the internet - maybe it's just a stormwater drain!), it comes out from underground right opposite our house:

I went beyond the creek to the streets on the other side and went up the hill and around. I don't mind hills at all (although I felt it in my calves later in the day!) but I do mind the heat (too hot already at 7:15am) and the flies. Bothersome. Oh well, at least for once I didn't walk on garbage collection day! One thing I noticed was that every street I went on or past started with a B. I wonder if there are other enclaves around here where the town planners chose another letter?

Here is another photo of my kookaburras, Dash and Dobby. The other two the kids called Spike and Hiccup. I can't tell any of them apart yet so I address them randomly by whichever name I feel like.

And here is Boris again:
I did the grocery shopping in the morning and in the afternoon I loaded up the car with stuff to go to the local tip/recycling centre (which I'll do tomorrow). Some boxes are not suitable for passing on as moving boxes and we also have packing materials like Styrofoam and other bits and pieces that we need to get rid of. I think it was seven trips up and down our short but very steep driveway. No wonder my calves are sore! When we have a bigger pile of clean packing boxes I'll advertise them again.

I have a confession to make. I haven't used my CPAP (face mask, or rather nose pillows, for sleep apnoea) for months. I got sick of tidying it away every second day when we had regular open houses to sell our Canberra house, and then it was packed, and when we moved it was still packed, and then we had some really hot nights. Have you tried to sleep in summer with plastic strapped to your face? Also sometimes I feel it causes as many problems as it solves. It might help while I'm actually asleep, but I have so much trouble getting to sleep while I'm using it. I'm tethered (by the nose) to a machine that makes my face sweat. Nevertheless, it might be better for me to get four hours of restful sleep than six or seven of interrupted sleep where I wake 15 times an hour. I'm certainly not getting enough sleep. Dark circles under my eyes are not improving my looks.

I finally met one of our neighbours this afternoon, as he was watering his front lawn. He and his wife had the really noisy party on Saturday, which I did not mention, he is retired I think but I guess that doesn't mean he's forgotten how to party! They have a elderly friendly Labrador dog who I have patted through the fence before. He told me they were the first house on the street so they've been here for a while. I'm glad to have finally met one neighbour.

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  1. Walking around is such a great way to familiarize yourself with your neighbourhood. The kookaburras are so cute! And so is Boris :)