Thursday, December 17, 2015

More shopping


I did a huge Christmas food shop this morning, everything that didn't need to be bought last minute (like fresh fruit and the turkey). Also a few more presents. And went to a beauty salon called "Bliss" but I'm telling you it's not blissful to have the hair ripped out from under your arms. Ouchies. Then played some World of Warcraft with the family and had a long nap in front of the TV.

The furniture store called a couple of days ago and our new kitchen table will be delivered next Tuesday. So we get it before Christmas, yay! I am still really paranoid about whether I like it. I'm sort of used to the small table there now, I think the new one will look huge! The other store called today and Aiden's wardrobe is available too. It's a flatpack and I don't know if it will fit in the car, maybe we'll need to get it delivered or hire one of their trailers - um no we don't have a towbar so I don't think we can? But it looks like we'll have everything before Christmas so that is good. The table in particular is very important so I'm happy we'll have it in time.

I bought lots of treats when shopping, mostly for Christmas but some for now. I'll try not to go overboard, but I guess I've slackened the reins. There's a mixed metaphor for you. I'm still cooking proper meals, but adding less-healthy snacks.

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  1. I still haven't gotten my Christmas food yet