Friday, December 11, 2015



I enjoyed my fruit salad so much yesterday that when I did the shopping today I bought lots more fruit, including watermelon and pineapple, and made a huge fruit salad which I shared with the kids when they got home from school. So yummy! I saved a bowl-full for Tim although that took some will power.

Another stinking hot day. Luckily I felt a lot better today. Twice in this past week I've included yoghurt (home made, unsweetened Greek-style) in my breakfast and although I'm not keen on cold and slimy first thing in the morning I've noticed it dramatically helps my abdominal discomfort throughout the day. As in, I hardly have any discomfort at all. Or maybe none! I can't say I've noticed any pain today. Every other day this week I've struggled. So I guess I'll have to keep eating the yoghurt. It's pretty nice with some fruit or muesli.

We probably should spend a lot of the weekend Christmas shopping but Tim is determined to get this house in order and finish a lot of the unpacking, and I can't say I disagree with him. It will be so nice not to be surrounded by boxes, and not know where things are. We unpacked a lot in the first two weeks then just kind of stopped as we got busy with other things. I couldn't always unpack alone during the week because we hadn't yet decided the final placement of the furniture. But we should be good to go full steam ahead this weekend.


  1. Getting rid of all the boxes does sound nice. We moved things before in painting and you just never put them back that easily. Bags and boxes everywhere

  2. It is nice to be rid of boxes when you settle into your new home. It's not always easy as we get caught up in other things, but very much appreciated once the job is done!