Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Not a great day


Well it's that time of the month and even my feet are swollen up, my shoes are uncomfortably tight! I've never had that happen before, or not so I noticed. I had to dig out some old shoes that had had some of the life worn out of them. I can't go barefoot, the sore on the sole of my foot makes it quite painful to walk without padding underneath. I'm also headachy, have distressed digestion, the whole deal. I don't feel particularly moody, but we'll see if something happens to set me off!

We've been having dramatically variable weather here ever since we moved. Every week swings up and down and back up again. Today was one of the stinking hot days, with a storm in the evening. I haven't got used to the humidity here yet, Canberra was very dry. Here fruit goes bad more quickly, the bin needs to be emptied daily or it stinks, and I break into a sweat every time I move.

My hunger was weird, I ate a lot during some periods of the day, good food and bad, large portions of whatever I could get my hands on. Other times I felt nauseous and couldn't eat at all. I had two bites of dinner then had to go and lie down.

My daughter is the one with the social life at the moment. Her school has lots of end-of-year activities going on, it's the end of Primary School so I guess that is a big deal. A disco, movie day, dinner and dancing, presentation night tonight. And then the day after school finishes here Tim is driving her back to Canberra so she can attend the  graduation celebration at her old school!

I didn't do much today except organise and back up some photos online, and read. I have the horrible feeling I've wasted yet another day of my life just sitting around at home, not even doing anything to make that home a nicer place to be. Then I move my head and the pain stabs back in and I think sitting around is the best thing for me today. Maybe it's not PMS. I don't usually feel like I have a nail stuck in my left eyebrow for that.

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