Monday, December 28, 2015

Exercise is tiring


I weighed in to my Dietbet this morning, 84.5 kg (186 pounds). I need to lose 3.4 kg in four weeks, bringing me down to just over 81. I would love to be under 80.

Last time I measured my waist, a year or two or three ago, it was 101 cm. Today it was 106 cm. This confirms my belief that although I am not getting heavier, I am changing shape. My stomach is getting much bigger, and sagging down like it never has before. Well, not for much longer!

Becoming healthy in all aspects of my life didn't begin auspiciously. I tried to use my CPAP last night but it was awful. I'd always thought it was rather quiet, although Tim disagreed, but last night it sounded like an industrial air conditioner. Maybe because it was beside my ear instead of further away as I was used to. Whether from that or just the weirdness and restriction of having something strapped to my face, I couldn't get to sleep. This thing is supposed to help me get a good night's sleep - not keep me awake! I tossed and turned. After a couple of hours I drifted off - into a nightmare. Woke soon after all sweaty and yuck even though it was a cool night. Gave up on the CPAP and turned it off. Which makes the screen light up as it goes into its 5 minute cool-down mode. It's like being in a disco, the whole room was glowing. In Canberra I used to switch it off at the wall to bypass the bright screen, but here I can't reach the wall switch without moving the whole bedside table. I put a box of tissues over the top of the screen which helped. All in all it gives me no motivation to go back to using it. Maybe if I lose weight quickly I won't need it anyway?

And in the morning as I was making myself a cup of tea I dropped the lid of the sugar bowl and it smashed on the floor. I really liked that bowl.

And I can't find the dongle for my Fitbit which means I can't sync it with my computer to get all the stats stored, I can just see todays stats on the device itself. Also I can't work out how to see the nutritional information of the food I put in the tracker, only the calories. And it's rubbing my wrist already. I'm just not going well with devices at the moment! So I've gone back to tracking on my old app and not using the Fitbit.

Oh well, after the rocky start things got better. I made myself a vegetable omelette for breakfast which was both healthy and filling, and lasted me through the whole morning.
 (This is the only food I remembered to photograph.)

Did the shopping, a trolley full of fresh fruit and vegetables and meat. Had lunch of a leftover lamb chop and a salad, and added a bit of cheese when I was still unsatisfied. Afternoon snack was a nectarine and a few almonds. Dinner was bolognaise with zoodles (zucchini noodles) instead of spaghetti. I was looking forward to that all afternoon, I certainly haven't stopped thinking about food all the time!

Aiden gave me a new dancing game for Christmas and I tried it this afternoon. It was exhausting! I wanted to quit after one song but I pushed on and did one more and one more until I got to half an hour. It was kind of embarrassing how little I was able to do, how unfit I am. Hard exercise tends to make me feel depressed afterward, I wanted to give up on the whole thing. But I had a shower and made dinner and got through it, and feel ok now.

I did really well on food and water and exercise so I guess I can work on the sleep and mental health aspects later.

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